In today’s modern and ever changing world, transportation has progressed immensely. To meet the increasing demands of public and to facilitate the masses particularly students who have to travel over long distances to study, Government of Punjab Pakistan Bike Scheme is introduced by CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif. 

It is a revolutionary step by Government of Punjab, Pakistan in collaboration with bank of Punjab as it aids the students to overcome the hindrances during travel and difficulties they face in order to complete their studies

In ever increasing demands for better transportation, CM Punjab Government of Pakistan  Maryam Nawaz, the first female Chief Minister , announces Bike scheme for students. In her speech, she emphasizes the need for steps for the betterment of the riders and their occupational safety. 

Therefore, Punjab Government declares interest free easy instalments..  For students bike distribution and it will be based on free and fair basis.  Addressing the gathering, CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif, Government of Punjab, announced 19,000 petrol and 1,000 electric bikes would be allocated to students on a monthly installment basis. Student Bike scheme was launched on 20th March, 2024. Maryam Nawaz also announces Laptop and iPad scheme for students

The eligibility criteria would be:

  • A Pakistani citizen residing in Punjab
  • Regular student in any public/private graduate college or university
  • Having National Identity Card
  • Having a valid driving license for bike

In order to cutshort the trvelling expenses of the students, an interest free Bike scheme introduced by Government of Punjab Pakistan to aliviate the standard of living and to reduce the longer distances and the hurdles during approach to their institutions. 

In order to meet the standards, Government of Punjab Pakistan, on orders of CM Punjab has designed the bikes with green color which is prescribed hue of Punjab Government. CM had personally visited and had a view of the design anf quality of bikes, ordering strictly the ensurance of quality and standard. She also instructed authorities to color the bikes 

in accordance with the Punjab government’s green logo, reflecting the province’s commitment to environmental sustainability. In this increasing global warming and ozone depletion, Green color design fits to the sustainability of environment and proves as a symbol of freshness.

Maryam Nawaz Bike Scheme 2024 Bike Design Revealed

Government of Punjab Pakistan planned to distribute total 20,000 bikes which include 1,000 electric bikes and 19,000 petrol bikes. You can further visit Government of Punjab Portal for latest updates.

In first round, 11,676 petrol bikes for males and 7342 petrol bikes for females will be distributed. Similarly, 700 e-Bikes for males and 300 e-Bikes for females will be distributed in five districts of Punjab namely Faisalabad, Multan, Bahawalpur, Rawalpindi and Lahore.

Government of Punjab facilitates the students of Punjab to evenly distribute bikes  on easy instalments. In cooperation with Bank of Punjab, Government of Punjab Pakistan fixed instalment for electric bikes Rs.10,000 and for Petrol bikes 5000/- rupees.

Down payment is Rs.20,000. This down payment along with mark-up will be paid by Government of Punjab

The key feature of Bike Scheme, that is free, interest free and transparent distribution of bikes on Quota basis. Distribution will be held on 9th of May, 2024.

Last date of registration of bike scheme is 29 April, 2024. The registration process can be done through official website. You can also contact their helpline 042-111-333-267 or email them at  [email protected] for further queries and details

web portal for bike scheme 2024

In rural areas of Punjab, there is 70% quota for male students and 30% for female students

In urban areas, there will be even distribution among male and female students on quota basis

    In short, Bike scheme 2024 is a great initiative by Govt. of Punjab Pakistan,which will be game changer for the students of Punjab. Green coloured bikes will soon be on roads, enabling the education seekers of Punjab pursue their studies in the best way with ease of transportation

The scheme is launched, and will begin accepting applications shortly

Yes, you are eligible to apply for lucky draw

No, A valid license and ID card are required for this bike scheme

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