To lessen the poverty and housing related problems of Punjab, Govt of Pakistan with visionary leadership of Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif has introduced a new scheme with name of ‘’Apni chat apna ghar scheme’’. Apna Ghar scheme is like a fresh blow of air for the oppressed and homeless people of Punjab. 

Govt of Punjab will provide houses on easy instalments and with very low down payment. House is a place to reside and acts as a shelter point for a person. In these poorly stricken conditions of ever increasing inflation, it is hard to make both end meet for a common person but this scheme is ray of hope.

It will provide great relief to people living on rental houses, as instead of paying rent, they will pay instalment and one day they will become owner of their own house.

In a latest meeting held to alleviate poverty and to meet the housing demands of Punjab, Government of Punjab took serious steps and inaugurated a very positive and far consequencing scheme with the title of ‘Apna Chat Apna Ghar’ .

In the meeting, it was emphasized that Apna ghar scheme will be started very shortly and with rapid progress in construction. It is aimed to give homes to shelterless people and those who are suffering from worries of high rents of homes.

In meeting held three days ago, for Maryam Nawaz Ghar scheme 519 kanal land is fixed to construct houses. Apna Ghar Apni Chat project will be beneficial for low income families who can not afford their own house construction.

Middle incomed person will have now Apni chat apna ghar at cost of just 26000 per month easy instalment and with easy plan to complete instalments in 5 years time. Maryam Nawaz has strictly instructed the completion of houses with minimum budget.

The price of each apartment is 1.5 lac rupees. This plan will be finalized in further meetings and after finance department approval. Power shortage issues, loadshedding issues are also being solved by solar panel scheme.

Apni chat apna ghar is aunique project with an exemplary vision. Even the maps of houses will be designed with the joint collaboration of Government of Punjab and  Pakistan council for Architect and Town planning. 

All houses will be built on same map and infrastructure with equal plotting. Government of Punjab will use government land for its construction and with minimum cost.

Initially, 5,000 apartments will be constructed near Raiwind Road in Lahore.

The Punjab government has given a new housing scheme ‘Apna Ghar scheme’ aimed at providing 100,000 apartments to citizens in six cities with monthly installments of Rs26,000.Over 3000 houses would be built in each city. 

cities included for Apna Ghar scheme 2024 infographic

All the residents of Punjab with low income and no house in his possession will be considered eligible for Apna chat apna ghar scheme. However, it might be possible that residents of specific district domicile will be able to apply to their respective districts only.

However, further details will be provided after final meeting and finance division approval. Further eligibility details might get added later on.

  • Quality maintenance
  • Eco friendly construction
  • Model houses within six weeks
  • Varied designs 
  • Easy instalments
  • Developmental plan
  • A hope for low income families
  • Approved by Government of Punjab

Further details will be discussed and finalized later on. In this first meeting, above-mentioned details were discussed.

There is no discussion right now for other provinces or on national-level. However, may be in future PM Pakistan may launch other similar housing schemes.

Buyers will pay only 40% of the whole cost of house, the rest will be paid by instalments. Final rules and regulations will be set by Social Protection Authority.

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