For public’s ‘Ehsas’  after bike scheme, CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz  has announced e-Rickshaw Scheme 2024. After announcement of various other schemes including Bike Scheme 2024, E Rikshaw scheme 2024  program has been announced to provide employment and to enable people of Punjab to earn livelihood.

In this scheme, 25000 rickshaws will be distributed to 26,000 unemployed people of Pakistan. Rikshaw  scheme will enable people to earn their living. In the recent meeting, reviewing the current jobs situation in Punjab, CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif instructed to start rickshaw scheme to help people within available resources.

Punjab E Rickshaw scheme 2024 is launched by CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz Government of Pakistan  to help unemployed people of Pakistan earn their living and to survive in this ongoing inflation in Pakistan. 

In this regard, 25000 E rickshaws will be distributed across the province.This initiative proves a mile stone to eradicate poverty specifically the unemployment. The poor have to face difficulty in combating the ever increasing inflation and high prices of daily usage. 

To take care of large family seems impossible without proper source of income. So, E Rikshaw scheme 2024 by Government of Punjab is a ray of hope for the depressed and oppressed. Previously, Maryam Nawaz announced housing scheme for residents of Punjab.

To be eligible for E Rikshaw scheme under umbrella of Ehsaas Program and BISP, pursued by CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz , following is the criteria:

  • National Identity card as a proof of citizenship.
  • Punjab domicile holder.
  • If a government employee wants to get a rikshaw, he should have income less than 60,000.
  • Witness may be asked when finalizing the scheme for witness when allotting rickshaw
  • Age should be between 18-45 years.
  • Driving License for rickshaw driver.
  • The applicant has not benefited from any such scheme before.

Other schemes by Maryam Nawaz includes solar panel scheme, Kisan card scheme, housing scheme, laptop and iPad scheme, Bike scheme for students, foreign scholarship scheme, skill development scheme and many others. All these schemes are being launched regularly and are being monitored for transparent and merit based distribution.

In E Rikshaw scheme by Punjab Government,these rickshaws will be provided on interest free loans with minimal down payment and government will provide subsidy as well. There will be minimal down payments and will be easy instalments for this scheme. 

Now the question arises, how to get yourself registered? The simple answer is that in a meeting CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz announced to open an online portal soon to get registered. All the updates will be provided through this platform. 

Besides online portal, an application form will be available in Punjab bank for registration. First of all, check your eligibility and then visit your nearest Punjab bank branch.

In short, the changing circumstances in Pakistan need a scheme like E Rikshaw program for the residents of Punjab to lessen poverty and the needy families to earn bread and butter. 

Goals of e Rickshaw scheme 2024

25000 e Rickshaws will be distributed under CM Punjab e Rickshaw scheme 2024

You can apply for both programs. However, it is possible that you will get only one of both as all these schemes are connected through digital system under PITB. So, even if you apply on both schemes, most probably you will be considered for only one scheme.

These details will be provided later on with proper link for registration.

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