Have you ever wondered what CM Punjab is doing for disable persons of Punjab? Maryam Nawaz in collaboration with Social Welfare department and Bait-ul-Maal Punjab has launched “Himmat card” and “Nigehban Card” for disable persons.

Under this initiative, persons with any kind of disability will get financial assistance and necessary equipment for their ease. They will also be able to get loans on easy instalments to find ways of earning gracefully.

Himmat card will allow disable persons to get wheel chairs and financial assistance from Government of Punjab. Maryam Nawaz has instructed cabinet to make a comprehensive plan for this Himmat card. Once its framework is completed, further details will be released afterwards.

Himmat card holders will be able to get 1 to lac loan on easy instalments. This will help them earn their living with ease. Earlier this year 2024 in March, Maryam Nawaz also announced Nigehban Card for Punjab residents, several other schemes are being announced regularly.

Complete registration and eligibility criteria will be disclosed soon. Meanwhile, you will probably need following documents to register for this card:

  • Valid CNIC issued by NADRA
  • Punjab Domicile
  • Disablility certificate as a proof
  • The disable persons already running a business will also be eligible to apply

In addition with himmat card and nigehban card, Maryam Nawaz strictly instructed to establish ramp and disable persons washroom in every government building. She also seeked audit report for all NGOs working for welfare of disable persons.

These ramps and washrooms in government building will help a lot to ease the difficulty faced by these special persons. They will be able to easily go and do their tasks by their selves.

Special features and advantages of this card includes:

Himmat Card features infographic
  • A special allowance of Rs.12000 per month will be provided to disable person so that they can fulfil their needs without any hurdles.
  • Special loans will be given to these disable person worth Rs. 1 to 2 lac with easy instalments to pay back so that they can establish their own business despite their limitations and can earn their living easily
  • Punjab government will also provide other essential equipments depending upon the nature of their disability
  • Government of Punjab also announced that a special quota will be allocated in each scheme they will launch from now on
  • They will be given relaxation to pay back their loans and government will give loans interest-free wheelchairs will be provided to handicapped residents of Punjab free of cost

CM Punjab also announced to give nigehban cards to disable residents of Punjab. This card will allow them to get financial assistance. They will also be considered for rashan program along with other registered members of Nigahban card.

This card will be continued for five years so they will also get all its benefits throughout this card validity period. This card also includes families registered in BISP Kafalat program. Nigaban card will be distributed to disable residents when this program will be executed.

Final date has not been announced yet. However, Maryam Nawaz has instructed to compile comprehensive plan and present it within two weeks for final approval

No clear statement has been made in this regard. However, it might be possible for a disable person to be eligible for both programs. All the details will be revealed after completion of final reviews

These details will be provided later on with proper link for registration.

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