Are you looking for a training program to become expert in garment industry? CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif has recently launched first ever garment city project in Punjab to provide complete training related to garment industry.

Garment industry is a dynamically growing industry with high demand and low supply. Rising demand and awareness of fashion has hyped this industry as well. This garment city will provide complete training thus named as “Plug and Play Garment City Project”

This project will be expanded gradually to other cities of Punjab as well. CM Punjab also introduced Skill Development Program for Punjab youth.

This project will provide training to young individuals interested in apparel industry to learn and can contribute towards betterment and growth of this sector. This garment city will be computerized and up to date.

Most advanced technology will be provided to this city so that individuals can learn modern techniques and how to use modern machinery in this sector. The use of AI might also be introduced to this city as well.

Maryam Nawaz directed Choudhary Shafey Hassan, Minister of Industries Punjab Province to plan and execute this complete project carefully and efficiently. Different trainings like shed, dyeing, weaving, digital textile printing, knitting, finishing and many other related skills will be offered to learn and practice.

This project has not been officially started yet so confirm details are not known. These details will be provided soon by CM Punjab office. However, according to recent meeting held in CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz office, following individuals will be eligible for this program

  • Punjab domicile holders
  • Workers of garment factories
  • There will be maximum and minimum age limit possibly
  • There might be qualification criteria also for selection

This plug and paly garment city project is a pilot project. Once it becomes successful and completely establishes, it will be expanded to other cities. A garment city is also present in Faisalabad but it will be upgraded with modern facilities once this project will be fully functional.

Economic Development

Garment sector is major contributor towards economy of all countries around the globe. This sector needs immerse attention as it will help Pakistan to stabilize its economy and increase revenue from this sector.

Sustainable Model

This model will be long-term bringing stability and is sustainable in terms of cost-effectiveness. This model will bring long-term benefits and many more job opportunities for residents of Punjab

Energy efficient

This project will get energy from solar panels so they will be energy-efficient. Green energy will be sustainable as well as eco-friendly. This will bring stability not only to this model but to the whole garment industry.

Modernization and Innovation

New methods using modern machinery and AI powered up to date software will help meet the demands of modern world. This will help industry grow and generate more revenue.

Job Opportunities

The more this industry flourishes, the more job opportunities will be created for young and fresh graduates making them able to earn their living and contribute towards betterment of whole society.

Goals of Garment City Project 2024

Plug and Play Garment City Project will be a milestone for garment industry in Punjab. Maryam Nawaz ordered to use Green energy/solar panels to provide electricity to garment city. Moreover, all the cities being established across Punjab will also use green energy/solar energy to minimize electric power consumption.

This plan is in final stages. After complete analysis of its feasibility, it will be executed.

Further details will be announced soon.

This project will offer wide range of skills to learn, details are mentioned above.

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