Are you looking for a permanent solution for excessive and costly electricity bills? Look no further as CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz has introduced Roshan Gharana Program. This program will provide solar systems to electricity consumers consuming units less than 100.

This program will provide 50,000 protected consumers solar systems to minimize electricity bills burden and to reduce power supply shortage and load shedding. This program will be proceeded step by step and whole solar system units will be provided

The registration of Solar Panels Scheme will be announced shortly by Government of Punjab. The general process might include providing electricity bill detail and considering the history of units consumed by the consumers.

It is noteworthy that you should try to keep your electricity units low in April and May to be considered for solar panel scheme 2024. As consumers with less than 100 units will be given preference in Phase 1.

Every citizen residing in Punjab consuming up to 100 units of electricity is eligible to apply. Further details will be provided later as for now, Maryam Nawaz has chaired a meeting and announced this scheme.

There is a possibility that consumers using up to 300 units of electricity will also be eligible for this solar panel scheme but in Phase 2. Home base solar systems will also be provided over time gradually. Further details will be announced later.

With the budget of Rs.12.6 billion, 50,000 household of Punjab consuming up to 100 units of electricity will be provided solar panels. These solar panel units will include:

  • Advanced technology solar plate
  • Inverter
  • Battery
  • Other allied accessories
Image of Solar panel system by Roshan gharana Program

Maryam Nawaz directs to speed up the process for installation of One Kilowatt solar systems. She also instructed the board to provide advanced and long lasting systems to citizens of Punjab.

Complete Solar Panel System

Government of Punjab will provide complete unit of solar system including battery

Free of Cost

These solar panels will be provided to citizens completely free. No charges will be collected

Balloting for distribution

These solar panels will be provided through balloting so that this process can be made transparent and corruption free.

This program will be a major relief for inflation stricken people. This solar home solution like Ehsaas rashan program will also contribute towards controlling inflation and to help the needy. Final date for Roshan Gharana Program online apply, registration and other details will be provided shortly.

Any Pakistani citizens residing in Punjab consuming units less than 100 are eligible for Solar panel scheme

No, this is free of cost provided under Roshan Gharana Program 2024

The official link will be given shortly by Government of Punjab

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