Are you a farmer and looking for a subsidy to maintain your farming? Well, the Government of Punjab has announced Kisan Card 2024 to subsidize farmers in Punjab. This program is an initiative to overcome food challenges.

Maryam Nawaz announced this card to facilitate farmers in various ways like subsidized fertilizers, pesticides, machinery etc. They will be able to get loans from the government and pay back in easy installments.

Kissan Card can be applied from designated HBL Konnect center and will be delivered fastly. This program is launched to increase yield of crops and to overcome food shortage across the province Punjab.

Targeted Subsidy

Kissan Card will provide subsidies up to 50% to farmers in purchasing fertilizers, high quality seeds, pesticides, machinery etc. This will ensure quality and quantity of crops yeild.

Financial support

Farmers will be able to get loans up to Rs.30,000 per acre to farmers to facilitate them. In this regard, a total budget of Rs 150 billion, facilitating 5,00,000 farmers across Punjab

Establishment of Agri-centers

The purpose of these centers is that they will provide complete assistance in collaboration with the private sector of Punjab ensuring state of the art facilities and assistance. Training, assistance, seed information, model plots and many other facilities will be provided so that farmers can cope with modern technology and can benefit from them.

Research and development Investments

To bring innovation in agriculture, many new research projects will be launched to maximize wheat, cotton and rice bumper crops production and to innovate the agriculture sector with modern technologies to facilitate Punjab farmers. Moreover, in Agriculture University Faisalabad, a new research center will be established with Chinese collaboration to investigate and analyze germplasm, climatic stress endurance, speed breeding and other factors affecting crop production.

Data compilation

A comprehensive record of all data will be kept for optimization of crop yield. Production and demand balance will be ensured for all crops so that food shortage can be managed. This will help for targeted policies to help the agriculture department analyze and improve yield.

Modernization of Agriculture practices

This card will also help farmers to adopt modern agricultural techniques to produce bumper crops and to educate farmers to use advanced technologies and how to operate machines. 500 agriculture major graduates will be hired in this regard.

The whole process is digitalized to ensure transparency of this program. You can register yourself by visiting your respective district administration office. They are provided with user logins by PITB and will register you for this card.

All farmers of Punjab are eligible to apply for this program. They will require information of your land, contact details, system of irrigation, landholding pattern, your livestock detail and machinery used for agricultural activities.

PITB Portal for Kisan card 2024

You can apply online through the HBL Konnect Kisan Card package. To apply physically, follow following steps

  • Visit any near HBL Konnect Retailer shop (present vandor)
  • Biometric verification will be done
  • A verified mobile account MA/ Mobile Wallet MW (L-1) will be opened
  • Buy Kissan card bundle by paying Rs.500After, 15-20 days, your card with name and logo will be delivered to agriculture office
  • You can collect your card Agriculture tehsil office after required verification
HBL Konnect kissan card package details image
  • Subsidy of a grand total of over Rs. 10.9 billion is being provided to farmers for fertilizers like DAP, SP, NPKs, Potash etc.
  • Over 848,105 farmers registered sp far will get benefit and new farmers will keep on adding
  • Provision of this card to all farmers of punjab to digitize and centralize agriculture department

Kissan Card will help the agriculture department to produce maximum yield and to overcome challenges like food shortage, climatic changes. This will also digitalize farmers across the province and will make them able to use modern techniques for better farming. In March 2024, Maryam Nawaz also announced Solar Penal Scheme.

All farmers of Punjab are eligible to apply

You have to visit Agriculture Tehsil Center to apply for Kisan card

Whole process of this scheme is digitalized by PITB so no one can breach the merit

There are no charges to apply. However, for kisan card package, you have to deposit Rs.500

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