Do you want to know about subsidy for livestock farming? Look no further as CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz announced new Livestock Card for farmers engaged in farming livestock. This card will provide them relief in fodder etc.

This is first-ever initiative for livestock department taken by any government in history of Pakistan. Animal husbandry is the major source of income for majority of people living in Punjab. This card will provide relief.

CM Punjab Maryam Nawaz ordered to speed up this scheme’s finalization process. Maryam Nawaz also announces “Farmers Guidance App” to provide ease and instructions about their business and to follow best practices.

This card will provide interest-free loans to livestock owners and farmers up to Rs. 2.7 lac. This interest free loan will be provided for animal fodder mainly but can be utilized in any way for betterment of livestock.

Maryam Nawaz Chaired the meeting and instructed to keep this loan seeking process simple so even a layman can acquire loan easily. This scheme will be specially focused for South Punjab farmers.

Government of Pakistan has released new instalment of BISP 25000, you can get guidance about eligibility and registration.

This app will allow farmers to keep track of their loans and will keep them up-to-date about new schemes introduced by Government of Punjab for farmers. This app will also provide help and useful instructions to farmers and dairy owners.

This app will be available in Play Store and its interface will be kept simple and easy to use. This initiative will help to modernize and further enhance the objective of this government in collaboration with PITB to digitalize Punjab.

Loans for farmersGovernment will provide up to 2 lac 70 thousand rupees loans to 40,000 farmers or dairy owners to promote livestock
Meat ProductionThis scheme will increase meat production and will be helpful to meet increasing demand of red meat in local and international market
Free Services ProvisionGovernment of Punjab will provide free services like silage and Wanda testing for better yield, free tagging of animal for record-keeping and free insemination services. They will be helpful for farmers a lot
Easy Intallments of loans paybackFarmers can pay their loans in soft instalments within 90 days through livestock card and can also request relaxation in case of emergency
Record-KeepingGovernment will provide tagging system referred as “Animal Identity Traceability System”. This system will allow government to keep record of animal from birth to slaughter
Economy BoostLivestock sector contributes 11-12% of national GDP. This scheme is also aimed to increase revenue of this sector to boost economy and to shorten supply and demand gap.
Objectives of Livestock Card Infographic

This system will also be introduced by Government of Punjab for livestock sector. Key features of this system includes database management, tagging and identification, food safety, health monitoring, crisis management, record keeping, data integration and market access facilities.

In Short, Livestock card is a great initiative for livestock sector and for farmers and dairy owners in Punjab to boost and increase their revenue. This project is in its finalizing stages and will soon be implemented. Further details like Registration, Apply Online etc will be provided later on.

This plan is in final stages. After complete analysis of its cost and other factors, it will be available.

Further details will be announced soon. Maryam Nawaz will announce it officially soon

Final eligibility criteria and details will be provided after finalization of this whole scheme.

Complete details will be provided after its final announcement and commencement of scheme.

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